VW Lifetime Warranty

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Welcome to the home of The LifetimeWarranty

Our warranty provides complete PEACE of MIND for the entire ownership of your new vehicle.



  • Includes first 2 yrs of factory required maintenance good at any VW dealer
  • All New makes and models qualify.
  • Provides a full limited powertrain coverage that mirrors the Factory coverage for the life of the vehicle with no limits on time or miles.
  • The warranty can be utilized at any ASE repair facility in the United States including Hawaii and Canada, with no handcuffs to a particular dealership or repair facility.
  • Haselwood Volkswagen provides the most up to date and equipped facility and the most highly trained certified VW technicians on the Kitsap Peninsula.
  • Includes Lifetime Free Pit stops which allow customers to come in with no appointment and have their vehicle checked over before long trips or any other need.